Expert PHP and MySQL

Expert PHP and MySQL - Andrew Curioso, Ronald Bradford, Patrick Galbraith

Expert PHP and MySQL provides best practices and expert techniques for the PHP and MySQL developer working on delivering high performing and mission critical web applications. With advanced topics including PHP extensions and MySQL User Defined Functions and details on companion technologies including Memcached and Gearman , this book provides tips and tricks that can be immediately applied to your software.

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Expert PHP and MySQL is a Wrox Wiley publication available for purchase in March 2010. For more information and to purchase visit and

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Table of Contents

This book includes the following content:

  1. Techniques Every Expert Programmer Needs to Know
  2. Advanced PHP Constructs
  3. MySQL Drivers and Storage Engines
  4. Improved Performance through Caching
  5. Memcached MySQL
  6. Advanced MySQL
  7. Extending MySQL with User-defined Functions
  8. Writing PHP Extensions
  9. Full Text Search using SPHINX
  10. Multi-tasking in PHP and MySQL
  11. Rewrite Rules
  12. User Authentication with PHP and MySQL
  13. Understanding the INFORMATION_SCHEMA
  14. Security
  15. Service and Command Lines
  16. Optimization and Debugging

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